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This website aims at gathering all the information related to past, current and future editions of the CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab.

CLEF eHealth is an evaluation challenge in the medical and biomedical domain. The goal is to provide researchers with datasets, evaluation frameworks, and events.

CLEF eHealth was established in 2012 as a workshop to prepare an evaluation lab and since 2013 it has been running these annual evaluation campaigns in the following domains:

* Information extraction (IE): mono- and multilingual IE,  named entity recognition (NER), text classification, acronym normalization, form filling…

* Information management: eHealth data visualization, medical reports management…

* Information retrieval (IR): mono- and multilingual IR, session-based IR…

The following figure summarises tasks organised in CLEF eHealth:

This website gathers information about all our tasks since 2013. Click on the tabs on top of the page to navigate. More information on past CLEF eHealth editions can be found on the dedicated websites: